Offshore Oilfield

Weite has been providing systems for offshore oilfield applications for 20 years.  Our systems are designed for the salt water environment and environmental extremes common to the industry.  Our equipment is hazardous locations rated and meets all producer and safety requirements for the industry.

  • Meets all industry requirements worldwide
  • Significant experience in offshore oilfield applications
  • Built to marine specifications
  • Reliable in all environments
  • Hazardous locations certified
  • Built for the oilfield
  • Simple to use
  • Recognized by customers worldwide

Weite Winch load tension monitoring systems are now available with winch run time/payout tracking.  The system monitors winch run time and provides a user settable notification as the maximum is approached and exceeded. Schedule winch re-builds and certifications based on accurate run time Improve winch reliability Avoid unnecessary winch down time Improve safe winch operation Monitor winch payout.

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