What Measures the Wind?

The wind is the noticeable movement of air, usually in the form of a current of air blowing from a particular direction. The wind is caused by a difference in air pressure in the atmosphere. Being able to measure and understand the wind patterns is important to pilots, engineers, sailors, and climatologists.

One of the main attributes that can be measured is wind direction, which is measured by the wind vane. What measures wind speed? Wind speed is measured by the anemometer.

What Does an Anemometer Measure?

What instrument measures wind speed? An anemometer is a wind pressure and wind speed measuring device. They are used to study weather patterns and track approaching storms. Anemometers come in a number of different types. How does an anemometer work? Some have devices that catch the wind and spin the whole structure, so the faster the wind blows the faster the anemometer will spin. Other anemometers rely on pressure differentials, electrical currents, sound, or pressure sensors. Because the wind does not blow at a constant speed (rather it gusts and lulls), the anemometer usually takes an average of wind speed over a short amount of time.

wind speed sensor.jpg

Wind speed sensor & wind direction sensor are used for wind speed and direction measurement.

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