Vessel Mounted

Weite Load Moment Indicator (LMI) systems are built for the marine environment. Quick and simple to install & calibrate. Proven with over 5,000 installations on ship mounted cranes globally.

  • Fits all cranes
  • Built to marine specifications
  • Available from many crane OEM’s
  • Custom solutions are available
  • 1 year warranty, 5 year minimum serviceable life

Winch Run Time/Payout Tracking

Weite winch monitoring systems are now available with winch run time/payout tracking.  The system monitors winch run time and provides a user settable notification as the maximum is approached and exceeded. Schedule winch re-builds and certifications based on accurate run time.

  • Improve winch reliability
  • Avoid unnecessary winch down time
  • Improve safe winch operation
  • Monitor winch payout

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